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Multivariable analysis was performed to assess the association between PPT and DAS28 components, DAS28 P (the proportion of DAS28 derived from the patient reported components of visual analogue score and tender joint count), or fibromyalgia status.RESULTS: More sensitive PPTs at sites over or distant from joints were each associated with greater reported pain, higher patient reported DAS28 components, and poorer mental health. A high proportion of participants (48%) satisfied classification criteria for fibromyalgia, and fibromyalgia classification or characteristics were each associated with more sensitive PPTs, higher patient reported DAS28 components steroids, and poorer mental health.CONCLUSIONS: Widespread sensitivity to pressure induced pain, a high prevalence of fibromyalgic features, higher patient reported DAS28 components, and poorer mental health are all linked in established RA. The increased sensitivity at nonjoint sites (sternum and anterior tibia) steroids, as well as over joints, indicates that central mechanisms may contribute to pain sensitivity in RA.

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